Here's how my process works:

Initial Consultation: Our collaboration kicks off with a 30-minute Zoom or Google Meet consultation. This is where we discuss your business, your objectives, and how I can assist with your content needs.

Information Exchange: Once we decide to move ahead together, I gain a thorough understanding of your company's voice and clients—which is critical for creating tailored content.

Research: I delve into understanding your B2B SaaS product, the market, and your target audience. I simplify the technical jargon, connect the intangible product with real-life benefits, and adapt to your preferred content length and keyword strategies.

Depending on the work - I create an outline for your approval before moving on to the writing phase—(if you don't have one).

Content Creation: Using my understanding of your business and market, I create engaging, easily digestible content that attracts and converts customers.

I pay careful attention to the unique tone and voice of your company to ensure the content resonates with your audience.

Review & Refine: Once the initial content is created, I review and refine it to ensure it aligns with your business goals, is optimized for your audience, and meets the highest standards of quality.

Delivery: The final product is delivered on time. I offer up to 3 reviews for each piece of content created.

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