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Content & Copywriting

for B2B SaaS

I Help B2B SaaS Businesses Increase Conversions and Decrease Churn with high quality content and copy— so That They Can Achieve Sustainable Revenue Growth And Build a Stronger Business.  

  • Need to... Engage and Retain More Users?
  • ​Is it hard to... Convey Complex Product Information?
  • ​Are you frustrated trying to find... Organic Traffic?
  • ​Also need to...  Convert Visitors to Customers?

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We are all sick of hyped up sales pushes, right?

People are over being sold to...

The best way to grow your business is to connect with the people you can genuinely help by informing and educating them on HOW you can help them.

I create B2B SaaS content & copy that connects with your audience.

...that educates, informs, and creates excitement without the hype.

I directly translate your vision into powerful content and copy that converts your audience into buyers, incites loyalty, and reduces churn rate.

🛠️How I can Help:

👉 Speak your audiences language - I translate technical concepts into everyday language your users understand and connect with. Clarifying product information and conveying it's benefits to your audience.

👉 SEO Optimized writing that can rank

👉 Forget the sales push. Instead, I match your unique selling points with your soul mate clients.

👉 Leave your lint roller home ... I maintain a fluff-free zone!

What they're saying...

''I found Emma's ability to quickly understand and write about the specific nuances of our product and users without spending a lot of prior time on it impressive. 

She asked thoughtful clarifying questions and pre-empted potential blockers, which made the working process more efficient.

I appreciated how quickly we were able to get the project completed through a series of well documented, tight feedback loops.''


Emma and I have been colleagues at ConvertCalculator for almost six months. I am thoroughly impressed by her writing skills, but what stands out the most is her dedication, proactivity, and willingness to learn on her own. 


Emma has been great for ConvertCalculator. She is knowledgeable, easy to work with, pro-active, delivers great quality content and gets things done. Her contributions have helped us set up and execute our content strategy, greatly accelerating our marketing push.

I highly recommend Emma to anyone in need of support with content marketing.


“As time has evolved and different practices have come

and gone, the thing that really works is using engaging

content as a way to draw people to your business.

It’s less of a pitch and more about being helpful and

educating people. We’re educating people enough to do

business with us.”

— Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger, in an interview for


Access powerful content & copy

*prices vary depending on scope of project and information supplied

Case Studies


Show how your customers are using your product and winning!

White papers

$400 per page

Attract email sign-ups/new leads with valuable, downloadable reports.

Blog posts


SEO posts that inform you audience and get you found.

Email Sequences

$100 per email

Welcome, educate, engage, retain



Reduce churn and create a loyal following.

Long form posts


SEO Guides, pillar posts, lists and more.

Product pages


Use professional, compelling copy for all new products and services.

Use Case pages


Show how your product can be used and spark your visitors imagination.


from $2000

Educate your customers about processes, products and more...

Landing pages


Squeeze pages can bring in massive leads and sales.

Training Scripts


Help customers use a website service or complete a task.



Reach out and grow sales with special promotions, invitations, more.

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